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Warg - The Grave Of The Undead Crow

Want more of Warg??? So here you are!!! They're back with another song, The Grave Of The Undead Crow!!! Enjoy it this fucking awesome theme ;)

Salduie - A Brindar

Segundo lyric de Salduie, que tras su éxito con "Numancia", vuelven con otro tema, esta vez con "A Brindar". Un tema producido pensando en las viejas tabernas de antaño donde los guerreros y bárbaros se reunían tras sus victorias en la guerra.
Second lyric by Salduie, after their success with "Numacia", they're back with another tune, this occasion for "A Brindar". One theme produced thinking of old taverns of yesterday where barbarians met after overcoming in battle.

Salduie - Numancia

Ya está aquí una banda que va a aportar frescura al folk metal. Estoy hablando de Salduie, una banda repleta de grandes músicos y con muy merecidas canciones. Un gran trabajo también en producción que os hará deleitar y gozar, y hasta saltar y bailar ;)
Here is a band in order to add some coolness to the folk metal. I'm talking about Salduie, a band composed by awesome musicians and really amazing songs. Also, a very good work in production that makes you enjoy, jump and dance ;)

Warg - As The Wargs Arise

Second lyric video of Warg. Have you ever heard about Wargs? You need to listen to this song, then. Don't miss it!!!

Warg - Loki

First single of this amazing band, Warg. I'm really proud of producing this band, a band full of great musicians. This tune is extracted from the album "Back From The Shadows". If you like the good metal of lands of the north, this one is for you!!!