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Mixing & Mastering


The recording is quick and efficient at a low price. 19.95€/hour.

La grabación es rápida y eficiente con un equipo de fácil y breve montaje para cada instrumento.


We provide superb mixing services at a very low cost. The producer, Lucas Toledo, has over 15 years of experience in mixing multi-track recordings and about 80 productions. Mixing is an integral part of the recording process to make your hard-work and songs sound as best as possible. It takes a very complete understanding of your genre and direction so that your recording will sound the way is meant to be. Lucas has a 20 years background of music theory with piano/keyboards and guitar, and experience in working with all sorts of music from Pop, Rock, Blues, Electronic, to Metal, Hardcore, Death/Thrash/Heavy Metal, and other types of traditional bands. Anyone can record a band, but it takes an experienced engineer to translate that recording to an overall polished mix via mixing and an experienced producer to bring your songs to life. This is what separates him from all the other studios. He can mix it and make it sound anyway you want it.

Más de 15 años de experiencia en mezcla de producciones multipista. Alrededor de 80 álbumes producidos de diversos estilos de música. La mezcla es una parte integral junto al proceso de grabación para hacer que tu duro trabajo y canciones suenen lo mejor posible. Lucas Toledo tiene un bagaje de casi 20 años de teoría musical con piano/teclados y guitarra, y experiencia trabajando en bandas de todo tipo de géneros de música desde Pop, Rock, Blues, Electrónica, a Metal, Hardcore, Death/Thrash/Heavy Metal, orquestas de baile, agrupaciones y bandas de CC y TT. Cualquiera puede grabar a una banda, pero esto requiere un ingeniero experimentado que sepa transformar ese grabación en una mezcla pulida y acabada. Esto es lo que diferencia a Theocide Studios de otros estudios. Podemos mezclar y hacer sonar tu trabajo como tú quieres.


Professional digital mastering is offered which is competitive with commercial mastering. In other words, your CD will sound the same on anything it's played on, and your CD will be as loud as any commercial CD. Mastering is important to you because if you want your recording to measure up in the real world, it will have to be "sonically maximized" (AKA mastered) in order to compete with the millions of CDs that are already out there.
No one likes having to change the volume every time they switch CDs, and no band wants to seem weak compared to other bands by having a CD that isn't as loud as most commercial CDs on the market. This is especially important to record labels as the label wants to release a quality product that is the best it can possibly be. And this is what mastering will do for you.

Se ofrece masterización digital profesional capaz de competir con cualquier masterización comercial. En resumidas cuentas, tu CD sonará igual en cualquier reproductor y sonará tan alto como cualquier CD comercial. Nadie quiere estar cambiando continuamente el volumen cada vez que se cambia de CD, y ninguna banda quiere parecer más débil por tener un CD que no suena tan alto como la mayoría de los CDs del mercado. Y esto es lo que la masterización conseguirá por ti.