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Producing the upcoming Misanthropy's album

Female singer vocalist of black metal and thrash metal, recording studio, metal production Misanthropy
Daniela, Misanthropy's vocalist

I am pleased to announce that Misanthropy has chosen me to produce his new album. After having hanging out with the band, for conversations and at rehearsals, and to discuss on the direction of the band, they commented to me that after recording the EP in Sin/Compasiones they wanted to give a great leap to the next level, as much in production as in sound. We immediately went down to work.

Female vocalist singer black metal thrash metal production recording studio Misanthropy
Misanthropy's vocalist at a show
Misanthropy is one of those promising, young and very talented bands, that in a lot of the production will make it really easy for me because of their great technique as musicians and for having things very straight.

We will fight hard to make this album the fucking best one in this world!!!

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