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ÄurÄ Límite - Teaser of Instinto

I'm very excited to introduce you this awesome band. This band is made up of four excellent musicians and an amazing female singer. You can define them like metal, perhaps rock, and also a progressive thing, but what it all boils down to is, you're gonna like it for sure. You shouldn't pass up an opportunity like this one. In this case, the band chose for this teaser the song which I had the chance to remix, 300 Maneras. By the way, the teaser has been made by the singer Silvia Ladrero, I think :D Enjoy it!

S.O.S. - Sudor Y Lágrimas

Here again! More shit by S.O.S.! If you still like rap and metal, here is more of this. Enjoy this awesome band with amazing musicians. I enjoyed so much producing this fucking album with them. I hope do it again!!! I wish you the best and I hope you keep with it ;)